Xcoot G2 Plus – Two wheels self balance scooter: Bluetooth, Sound System, Extra LEDs, Bag

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Xcoot G2+ is the improved version of Xcoot G2, with embedded sound system, Bluetooth speaker and extra LED lights on top of the wheels.


Xcoot G2+ can easily connected to your smartphone, so you play music from your smartphone directly through the scooter sound system. The G2+ model has improved battery quality and lifetime and better balanced sensor system.

G2+ model does not need calibration and remote control anymore! All scooters of G2, X2 and G3 generations are coming with auto-calibration system and do not require any additional adjustment.

Product Features:

  • The motion technology of this vehicle is controlled by four sensors located under the two pedals, two sensors under each pedal.
  • It accelerates when you lean your body in either backward or forward direction.
  • Maximum Speed: 10 mph (up to 16 kmh)
  • Range per charge: 10 miles (up to 16 km).
  • Please note: maximum speed and distance may depend on operator weight, street angle, surface condition, wind direction, etc.
  • Safe Climbing Angle: up to 15 degrees.
  • Battery: 160Wh Lithium
  • Recommended temperature: 32°F-86°F (0° to 30° C)
  • load: up to 220 lbs (100 KG )
  • Charging time: 1-2 hours
  • Size: 20 * 7 * 7 inches
  • Main Body Weight: 23 lbs (10 Kg)

  • 240 lbs
    Maximum load
  • 10 mph
    Maximum speed
  • 15 miles
    The vehicle range on a single charge
  • 24 lbs
    Weight device
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